WEDNESDAY October 17, 19h – 21h // Magda Tothova: An evening with Offred and Ellador.

An evening with Offred and Ellador ∆ hosted by Magda Tothova
supported by Mathilde ter Heijne and ELE

On October 17, Ellador of Herland and Offred of Gilead will be our guests for one night at the Temporäre Autonome Zone. Both women come from foreign countries and are very interested in meeting new people.
As their societies are very different from ours, we will have a very rare opportunity to ask them how their social and political systems are built up and how their everyday lives function. Ellador, for example, hails from an all-female society isolated somewhere in South America. Offred is a refugee from Gilead. Offred is not her real name, she was a handmaid with special skills. Both women would like to spend this evening with a friendly audience.

Join us at 7 p.m.
Galerie Lisa Ruyter
Kantgasse 3/20, 1010 Vienna