ƒƒ is a living and evolving network of artists. ƒƒ is a way of working and communicating through art that grows out of collaborations and discussions in close personal contact. Through friendships and alliances we make art that is an essential element of our lives. Art is a field in which we move and meet, while creating and transforming it. We are different, having each our own language and history. Our heterogeneity is our strength. Feminism for us means equality for all: human beings of all genders and all origins.

For TAZ we ask other feminist artists we know to participate in the creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone in which they can realize art projects, performances, lectures, discussions, film evenings, parties and other events. This is a time of intense meetings that enrich the knowledge of each other, our networks and friendships and often evolve into ƒƒ collaborations.

TAZ/1 was situated in Vienna, organized by ƒƒ and Lisa Ruyter, at Lisa Ruyter Gallery, Sept.-Nov. 2012

TAZ/2 was situated in Berlin, organized by ƒƒ, invited by Dorothee Bienert, at Galerie im Körnerpark, March-May 2013

TAZ/3 was situated in Warsaw organized by ƒƒ, invited by Barbara Piwowarska, at Teatr Studio / Galeria Studio, October 5-6 2014

The ƒƒ Archive brings together information on feminist/female artists and related topics. It is open for all formats: books, catalogues, magazines, fanzines, artworks, music, films and videos, posters, postcards, photos, and files.
All are encouraged to donate to the ƒƒ Archive and take home a multiple in exchange.

We organize archival discussions and research that aims at shifting the existing patriarchal and Euro-centric cultural narratives. We know that we have to construct our past to be able to project ourselves into the future.

At any time the number of artists that work with ƒƒ may vary.