2012: TAZ /1/ Vienna // 2013: TAZ /2/ Berlin

2012: TAZ /1/ Vienna // 2013: TAZ /2/ Berlin

All 2012 events took place in Vienna at:
Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Kantgasse 3/20, 1010 Wien
+43 1 505 6100, Beethovenplatz@gmail.com

// 2013 events will continue in Berlin //

The Temporary Autonomous Zone /1/ was an independent experimental exhibition platform produced by ff and Lisa Ruyter. It had a festival format, comprising of performances, lectures, talks, workshops and film screenings. The nature of this project was collaborative, performative, pedagogic, necessary and non-commercial.

The Temporary Autonomous Zone is a frame for a living and evolving network of women artists. This network is formed around a constantly shifting discussion of contemporary feminist and participatory practices. Temporäre Autonome Zone is not the name of an exhibition, but a fluid, independent platform in which collaborative artistic production occurs in tandem with a search for a lived feminism. Production is not associated with commercial concerns, though our discussion may overlap with issues women artists have within a ‘marketplace.’

Artist Lisa Ruyter invited ff to Vienna to develop this concept live, in collaboration with an extended network of Vienna-based artists, students, writers and curators. We developed a variety of productions within the frames of an exhibition space, the city of Vienna, our limited resources, and a time period of about three months. The subject and content of the ‘exhibition’ were the productive results of a network of women artists. This network mediates our individual practices as well as our collaborative efforts. The negotiations between a lived feminist experience and personal artistic practice became the subject of this festival. The highlight was the the chaotic and creative development of ideas from a living and breathing body of participants.